Arms Blast: Pilates in English with Ashlee

Arms Blast

Target those “bingo wings” in this 8minute video. All you need are some cans of beans or 500ml bottles of water to get going.

Postpartum and first trimester safe. Join Ashlee our English pilates instructor for some fun and challenging workouts. These short workouts can be done by any level mixing some classic moves with some contemporary pilates too.

These exercises require minimal equipment and all take to 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Join in and maintain your strength outside the pilates studio

Ashlee reta vuestro conocimiento en Ingles, vuestro cuerpo y concentración.

Recordar que en Aequus trabajamos en 6 niveles, ademas de embarazadas, post-parto y terapéutico con Fisioterapeutas.

Vejiga e insomnio


En AEQUUS apostamos con la última tecnología basada en evidencia...

Control motor

Fisioterapia y Control Motor para adolescencia y reeducación en “mayores”.

Mediante el control motor en Estudio Aequus, el departamento de fisioterapeutas/cafe trabajamos un...